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No problem.  Take a look through our FAQs and if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!  Our support team is available M-F.

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What should I do if I have an existing site?

If you want to keep your existing site “live”, then we recommend having our support team help you create a staging site – basically a duplicate of your live site.  If you’d like our help setting up a staging site, please submit a new support ticket and include the following: cPanel login (you can get this from your web host), WordPress admin login and your Course Cats license key.

My links stopped working, help!

In some cases, this is a super easy fix.  In the back-end of WordPress, go to Settings > Permalinks > don’t change anything (weird, we know) > then simply save your settings.  If this doesn’t fix the issue, let us know.

Can I sell more than one course?

Yes!  You can sell as many courses as you’d like.  As you go through the Course Cats tutorials in the guide, you’ll eventually come to a section on membership plugins.  Once you get to that point, we’ll walk you through different options and show you how to integrate the plugin you choose with your course site.

Does Course Cats have an affiliate program?

Yes!  Please jump over to the affiliates page to register as an affiliate. Once you do that, someone from our team will reach out to confirm your account and then you’ll be off to the races, as they say (meaning, you can start bragging about Course Cats and actually make some money for doing it!).

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