What’s the difference between Course Cats and Conversion Cats?
Course Cats is meant for your online course(s) with specific page templates and functionality meant for an online course.  Conversion Cats is meant for your main site where you create and share your free content and grow your various email lists.  Course Cats does have a landing page option and some opt-in functionality built into the theme, but ultimately you should only use Course Cats for your online course(s) and Conversion Cats for your blog, most of your opt-in giveaways, etc.

What if I decide it’s not for me?
You can cancel anytime within your free trial period, no questions asked.

Issues with links not working?
Go to Settings > Permalinks > don’t change anything > click Save (sometimes this little magic trick works!)

Site is running slow…
First, try to deactivate plugins one-by-one to see if the site speeds up after you deactivate each.  Deactivate a plugin, then click through your site.  If it’s still slow, deactivate another and click through your site.  Repeat and see if you find the one plugin that is causing your site to run slow.

If that doesn’t work, then this is likely a hosting problem.  Each server is different and we cannot control hosting unfortunately, so this would be something you should first ask your host about.  We would recommend asking them if they have caching options they can add to your server to help with the speed and performance.

Styles are super weird all of a sudden…
Did you recently install a new plugin?  Often times, other plugins that are not coded properly can cause conflicts with themes.  We first recommend deactivating (not deleting) your plugins one-by-one to see if you can find the culprit.  If that doesn’t work, let us know!



You might find that our help docs will help you find a quick answer to your question and if not, shoot us an email at

Thank you!