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About Us

Course Cats, LLC was founded in 2015 by Brad Hogan and David Siteman Garland.

As the story goes, Brad was developing websites for a small digital agency in St. Louis, Missouri and one of their clients needed a fancy new website. That client happened to be David.  David’ business, The Rise To The Top, was growing and he wanted something new that would help him continue to grow his email list and continue to teach his audience of aspiring entrepreneurs.

David’ big expertise was in creating and selling online courses.  David eventually created a second business (Create Awesome Online Courses) where he taught others to basically do exactly what he did – profit from teaching people what ya know!

As David’s audience grew, more and more people started asking him where he had his lovely website developed.  He’d always point them in Brad’s direction – Brad had left St. Louis and was working for another digital agency while also doing some freelance design and development work on the side.

Brad found that he was turning a lot of David’s referrals away because they simply couldn’t afford his custom design and development services until one day, Brad (finally!) had the bright idea to create a WordPress theme that would be geared specifically to the goals for online course creators with his design style, just enough options, but something everyone could afford (vs. hiring him for custom work).

Brad brought the idea to David and they both decided right then and there that it was going to be an absolute game-changer for a huge demographic of up and coming digital entrepreneurs.

After about six months of design and development, the grand opening went live in 2015 and well, the rest is history.   Course Cats did a major design update in 2018 and continues to push the edge of simplicity and functionality for entrepreneurs who want to create and profit from their own online course.